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Hubei waghai kiln Co., Ltd. is a new energy saving and environmental protection as the core of professional R & D kiln kiln company, research design, in various industrial furnace manufacturing, construction and installation, thermal debugging and technical advice in one, mainly engaged in all kinds of kiln coal chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, brick, ceramics, new building materials, glass, lime and coking industry.

The company from the beginning of the establishment in line with the development of resource-saving and environment-friendly and harmonious development of man and nature of the advanced technology of the concept, the company has been in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shaanxi, to undertake many projects, in line with the owners, for the owners to check, anxious owners anxious, think what the owners want to the principle of the successful development of the coke dry quenching technology and briquette production process.

The focus of the company is the design and construction of coking project, Lantan (carbon reducing agent) design and construction project is my company's products, has improved the new Lantan vertical furnace production process, with national patent of coke dry quenching technology (patent: 201110314289, report no. CN102424755A), master of briquette the production process and a number of industry in urgent need of advanced production technology.

The company take the whole life cycle management mode, to undertake the project in the project decision-making stage, implementation stage and using stage provides thorough service for the owners, for the construction of the project, so as to achieve the purpose of value-added value for engineering use.

The company consists of Engineering Department, finance department, research and development department, design institute and general office. With professional and technical personnel 72 people, including 1 professor level senior engineers, 12 senior engineers, 24 engineers, assistant engineers and technicians 35 people; obtains the national qualification of registered engineer 20 people, one of 2 national registered structural engineers, two registered structural division 2, registered geotechnical 1 engineers, 1 state first class Registered Architects, two registered architects, 1 people, 1 registered equipment engineer, registered cost engineer 2 people, a registered construction division 4, two class 6 registered architects.